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PTBIo srl has been working with Animal Care Systems Inc. since many years, representing in Europe their unique cage systems which offers the highest and unmatchable cage density in the market: the OptiMICE, the OptiRAT and the OptiRAT plus. Unique carrousel design, space saving, odorless, the cage system protects continuously operators and environment from odors and allergens and offers to the animal the most stable and low stress environment available on the market.

Today the dollar euro exchange is in favor of EU import from USA. As for OptiMICE and OptiRAT you could purchase directly from the producer, Animal Care Systems (ACS) with a discount of 20% due to currency exchange only (100 dollars is 80 euro approx). The OptiMICE rack only occupied 1x1m floor space and holds 100 mouse cages, 5 mice per cage. If you want a quotation today click here.

To know more go to the following link Animal Care Systems - Optimice