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"Find innovative solutions and products which make operator's daily life easier and give to animal facility managers excellent alternatives in order to best optimize their job."

"Hydrogen peroxide, Biocide and Disinfectants"

PTBIO Ltd has developed over the years a wide range of products for disinfection and sanitization of the surfaces. The aim is to break down the bacterial and viral charge on the surfaces by manual action or by atomizers that spray the disinfectant, thus creating a cold mist that does not wet. Among the various disinfectants for surfaces, we have solutions, ready to use and stabilized, of Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% and 7% respectively PTBIO PEOX 3 and PTBIO PEROX 7 and various sanitizers for surfaces based on alcohol and chloroxidine or quaternary ammonium salts as well as registered biocide products of Diversey, DIVODES and SOFT CARE.