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Safe from viruses and bacteria

The system that disinfects the air and surfaces and effectively fights any bacteria and viruses.


The disinfection system is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The disinfectant product can be atomized in the Air Treatment Unit upstream of the aeraulic ducts or inside the indoor environments to be treated.

With a special turbine with a speed equal to 82 m / s, the biocide spreads rapidly in the environment and at the same time the hydroxyl radicals responsible for the biocidal action of AIRO are produced.

Complete protection

Airo Clinic completely saturates the environment to be treated in a short time. The dry mist generated does not create a deposit and spreads evenly on every surface in contact with oxygen without generating humidity, corrosion and residues.

A completely non-toxic compound

The rapid decomposition of the OH- radicals into H20 and 02 makes the compound non-toxic and non-carcinogenic but highly efficient against viruses and bacteria.

Rapid 99% degradation

Hydroxyl radicals meet the bacteria that contain calcium and sodium chloride and the OH ion transforms the chemically stable chlorine into active chlorine, destroying the bacteria and inhibiting their ability to regenerate. The degradation of this treatment is rapid and above 99% in a very short time (about 16 minutes).

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Environmental sanitation with hydrogen peroxide