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Safeguard your professional image and your reputation, by protecting your health, as well as that of your co-workers. Sterilair PRO is the new air sterilization system. Sterilair PRO is a new device for sterilizing the air, which ensures the elimination of all the microorganisms, including the spores. The air is driven into the sterilization chamber of the device, where irradiation eliminates all microbial load in the air. This device can operate continuously even in the presence of people, ensuring maximum operatorís protection. Sterilair PRO is simple, quiet and ergonomic. PTBio Srl is the only company able to offer a comprehensive sterilization program, efficient, ergonomic and safe.

Certified on the effectiveness of removal of spores. Irradiation system with UV-C lamps at high frequency. It has no filters to replace. Sterilair PRO does not purify the air, but sterilizes it. Malfunction report system. Very quiet, reduced in size, easy plug & play installation, coverage up to 100 m3

STERILAIR Pro This is an air sterilizer which guarantees the elimination of all microorganisms including spores. The air is conveyed into the sterilization chamber inside the device which eliminates the entire microbial load present in the air by irradiation. This device can work continuously even when personnel are present, without generating any health risks for the operators.

STERILAIR Pro is simple, silent and ergonomic.

Adopting a system of air disinfection means:

- Reduce the risk of contamination for the operators.

- Reduce or eliminate costs and loss of profits, resulting from long absence due to illness.

- Having an environment considered bacteriologically pure.

Sterilair PRO is an indispensable tool, which has a very low cost and in turn generates a service of great social utility.